Builder – Developer Consulting Services

RW Management Services has successfully worked with builders and developers to secure approvals on the state, county and local levels to establish associations.  Builders and developers looking to build association  communities can benefit from our expertise to ensure their plans and investment of an association type community can be accomplished.  By partnering with RW Management Services during the planning phases of a new community, builders and developers can determine competitive advantages,  risk aversion strategies for the services necessary to prepare an Association’s budget, governing documents including the Public Offering Statement, Restrictive Covenants as well as the Rules and Regulations for submission to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.   Partnering with an experienced management firm, will compliment your team of legal, financial and engineering professionals to maximize efficiency and provide cost savings.  Some services we offer include:


Consulting Services RW Management provides during the initial set up process:

  • Solicitation of blanket insurance policy for the community;
  • Preparation of the initial budget based on full occupancy;
  • Solicitation of contractors and vendors to provide proposals for services in order to provide the information in the governing documents;
  • Review attorney prepared governing documents so that Rules and Regulations can be prepared for buyers;
  • Preparation of initial management agreement to include in governing documents to submit to State of New Jersey for review; and


Consulting Services RW Management provides during the Construction Phase:

  • Transition Assistance Upon Turnover to Homeowner Control;
  • Developer Representation on Association Board of Directors during and post developer control;
  • Process closings as they occur;
  • Preparation of all Association and homeowner files and records turned over;