Court Appointed Receiver

RW Management has been retained by numerous banks, law firms and governmental agencies to act as the property receiver for the sale or rental of residential, commercial and office properties.

Our administrative team is licensed by the State of New Jersey and able to run the day to day operations of commercial, office and residential real estate.  This includes but is certainly not limited to repairs, maintenance, leasing, selling and/or modifications of the asset at the direction of the court, lender of agency.  We are also able to manage the financial aspects of accounting for all of the funds associated with the property.

In order for a court appointed receiver to properly protect the asset, the manager must have experience and knowledge in both property management and business operations.  RW Management Services is able to successfully handle this specialized business.

If court testimony is required by the client, we are available as needed for both real estate and management related issues.


Our services include:

–           Local enforcement issues

–           Cash for keys service

–           Property management

–           Rent receiver

–           Residential or commercial leasing

–           Tenant improvements

–           Management of repairs and/or construction

–           Accounting services

–           Real estate acquisition, leasing and brokerage

–           Residential development

–           Market analysis to determine property value

–           Appraisal services

–           Insurance services


Lenders are certainly not in the real estate business. Therefore, they are concentrated on disposition of the property in an expeditious manner.  Lenders find themselves in a position where they need to properly and promptly gain control of the property so that the asset is protected from further deterioration and loss of value.

Once RW Management is retained as the receiver, our staff will take the necessary steps to secure the property, take control of all operating accounts, notify all vendors and owners and tenants, review and evaluate the existing contracts and leases, conduct a walk-through of the property if access is available and provide a report of the findings to the client.  In addition, we will review contracts with vendors who are servicing the property, obtain all files and records for the property and make certain that the proper levels of insurance are in place for the property.   We will work with the occupant and if that relationship is not favorable, then with the client’s approval, we will offer cash for keys to the occupant.

Our firm is experienced with the requirements associated with a court approval process, the bonding requirements and the accountability of handling of this legal proceeding.  We are able to serve as an officer of the court until disposition of the property.